Project Management

Due to the risks often inherent in project management, the importance of well-trained project managers and controllers is paramount. At BSG, our results-driven consultants are highly trained with strong leadership, negotiation and conflict management skills.

Change management projects and project rescue are core competencies of our team. Our experience allows us to intensively support our customers with critical issues such as exceeded budgets, shift in time schedules and misguided project outcomes.

In order to avoid a full project renovation and, or rehabilitation our project risk manager will support and guide the project team, providing an outside view. The BSG-project risk management method highlights the influential factors that could endanger the success of the project. Furthermore, a transparent illustration of identified risks and the related risk-mitigation solutions are key to efficient project controlling and successful project guidance.

BSG also offers a wealth of experience in the field of public administration, particularly within public tenders (e.g., GATT, WTO, etc.). We assist our clients in their decision-making process by using proven and legally secure evaluation models, as well as in the contract development. In this field it is important for us to know the specifications and requirement as set forth in the specification booklet and request catalog.

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