Information Management

For years, management techniques have largely focused on the areas of strategic management, process management, and marketing, relegating the salience of information technology management to little more than a costly support activity. Over the past 20 years, however, this focus has shifted as an increasing amount of companies have begun to realize the importance of information technology in dealing with business processes. Constant changes as well as increasing complexities have become major issues in this field. In order for companies to succeed, they must stay ahead of the change and actively develop and manage their information technology.

To deal with the complexity resulting from the vigorous linkage of information technology and business processes, BSG Management Consultants applies a holistic strategy based on methodology that utilizes field-tested methods and tools. No matter in what area of expertise you are looking for our support, we will help you to realign your information technology, develop a new IT-strategy, or simply help you to successfully develop and manage your information technology according to your business needs. We will also gladly provide your company with a time-restricted CIO, handling big changes or simply realigning the staff.

We are experts in managing information technology architecture, the foundation and an indispensable requirement for an effective and efficient linkage of information technology and unique business processes of a company. Starting with the definition of the strategy, we will go all the way to the end-user training, supporting our customers with our knowledge, experience, methods, and tools

Furthermore, we have a team of information security specialists that will show you the safest way to protect your data and your system from illegal access. From small security concepts to a holistic information security management (ISMS) according to the international norm ISO 27001, BSG Management Consulting will protect your business. For several years and within a varying range of companies, our BSG-ITSEC tools have proven paramount in guaranteeing information security and applying the right set of measures for every customer.

Our customers are guaranteed free access to our Wiki, making our knowledge available at any time.

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