Engineering and Technology Management

Top companies know that in order to successfully compete in today’s highly competitive business environment, they must use the most advanced technologies in their production and innovation processes. Furthermore, planning is another key to success as fundamentally efficient structures and processes should be implemented during the strategic and operational planning stages. At BSG, we develop and implement both technological innovations and manufacturing solutions for our clients in order to help them overcome temporal constraints.

Especially when one plans a big innovation-project, feasibility studies are an important element for effective and efficient engineering and technology work. At BSG, we conduct market studies for our clients in order to guarantee the technical feasibility and to calculate the need of financial, human and time resources. Our profound knowledge in the fields of Software and Engineering (UML, OO, C++, C#, OSI, TCP/IP, CAD, CAE, SPICE, FE, U.A.) allows us to act in a highly goal-oriented manner and to contribute in technical development processes when needed.

BSG delivers technological manufacturing solutions to meet client expectations of exceptional quality and high productivity. Our services have proven their high standards, being used in practice to realize the rationalization potentials in manufacturing. Our concept consists of the following elements:

  • Optimization of supply chain
    (make or buy, outsourcing / insourcing, reduction of storage procedure, layout)
  • Evaluation of technical machinery
  • Optimization of organizational models
    (line assembly, cell assembly, integration of administrative functions, etc.)
  • Optimization of production planning and control
    (coordination of sales and production planning, disposition process, IT-support, etc.)
  • Development of control instruments and organizational frameworks
    (working time models, performance-based pay systems, etc.)

Furthermore our technological expertise in the fields of rapid prototyping, mass customization system configuration and variation manufacturing provide our customers with highly efficient project management manufacturing solutions.

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