From the international market development workshop

From the international market development workshop

From the international market development workshop

Romeo Minini, lic. iur., attorney, Executive MBA HSG consults companies in the private- and public sector as well as organizations in the areas of strategy, process- and project management. He uses his extensive experience based on his long-term consultant activities in management positions in public administration and in the private sector in these areas. In addition Romeo Minini has due to professional development in the IT area, law of contract, data protection law and themes of law Submission special knowledge, which he deepens and expands continuously.

At BSG, the cornerstone of success in the consulting profession lies in the cooperation and development of long-lasting client relationships. With years of functional and management experience and expertise in a wide range of industries, are dedicated to customized solutions and execution in industry, trade and public institutions.

Time to market is key in startup companies. During the last 13 months Stefan Menzl has developed a new cycle computer named daysy for Valley Electronics AG. Apart from the technical tasks such as system architecture, project management and quality system there was also a generational change and the investor relations to be re-organized for the SME. Daysy is sold throughout Europe today and a product launch in the US is planned in summer after FDA approval.

This medical device is a prime example of how high quality project management can improve time to market even with very limited resources. In the last 10 years BSG Management Consulting has supported several small and large companies in the development of market leading products.

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